Latest Article: Ideas for your Commercial Property

Wooden Flooring

Real wood flooring brings a luxurious finishing touch to any commercial property, and because it is a living product it can mature and look even better with age. Different types of flooring.

Whatever the surroundings, be it contemporary and minimalist or cosy and traditional, a real wood floor lends itself to its surroundings and never looks out of place.

Real wood flooring combines a highly fashionable with a highly practical floor covering. Not only does it create a beautiful look for your property, it is also easy to clean.

Whether it’s a commercial or domestic development, a contemporary or traditional space, we have a product to satisfy your every need. The luxurious finish of our range offers the natural beauty of a real wood floor, with the convenience of a pre-finished strip. See advantages here.

Its superior quality timber really stands out amongst its competitors.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are used across the industrial and commercial industries to enable easy access throughout a building, whilst also offering a wide range of benefits.

Having an electric door installed means people can pass through each room without having to worry about opening and closing heavy doors, meaning customers will feel welcomed the second they enter the building.

If you are operating in a smaller location, automatic doors are a great option. These doors have the ability to save space, especially in smaller locations where space is slightly compromised. You will have a choice of sliding, swing and revolving doors. See more information.