London offer more tech grants that any other European country in 2019

Keeping With the Times

It’s abundantly clear just how much the globe has advanced with regards to technology. Virtually every aspect of the modern world is governed through the use of the latest gadgets.  Because of this, there has been a rising demand for businesses to follow the way of the times, and make things modernised.

“88% of businesses are using technology to improve both their offices and  their level of service to clients” ACCL Office Cabling

To put it simply, the world is moving at a rapid pace, and your company needs to keep up with this rate if it wants to continue working efficiently. The Technology Grant Programme was instilled to allow businesses to collaborate with technology, in order to generate the most sales possible. So, what’s their availability? Small Business Grants: 105 Ways to Get Free Money for Your Business.

Viewing the Amounts

1.       Small Business Innovation Research – if you like the sound of combining research with commercialism. SBIR is the one for you. Focusing on small research businesses, the programme will review your eligibility and offer you a grant ranging anywhere from £150,000 to £1 million. These figures all depend on the growing rate of your company. More.

2.       National Insitute of Health – looking to discover the latest biomedical technologies? Look no further than the National Institue of Health. This department can aid your lifesaving mission by offering grants to whoever needs it. Get your health research aided the right way. More.


3.      National Science Foundation – got a proposal in the field of engineering, science or medicine? The National Science Foundation is prepared to get your businesses running. To avoid any complications regarding filing for an applications, the company has even set up a YouTube channel to get the hard stuff out of the way. More.

5.       Department of Energy – this grant is offered for anyone involved in the energy sector.

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